About Us
Full professional service provider in the field of China's construction engineering

LINK International Design Group(hereinafter referred to as LINK)has main design centers in Beijing and Shanghai, with additional branches and offices in Shenzhen, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xian. LINK also established Green Building Technology Research Center, and Engineering Digitization and BIM Research Center in Shanghai and Beijing.
LINK possesses China building engineering design Class A qualification, construction cost consulting Class A qualification, municipal and housing construction supervision Class A qualification, in addition, it owns various special qualifications in urban and rural planning, geotechnical investigation, engineering surveying, landscape architecture, engineering consulting, bidding agency and etc.
Our professional team consists of senior consulting cost estimators, planners, architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, project managers, and China and oversea experts in the fields of green building technology, BIM and digital simulation, engineering supervision, and bidding agent. Links has been building considerable engineering design expertise in China, our team members have successfully completed a large number of key projects in national, provincial and municipal levels, we have also won many engineering design awards from Ministry of Construction, Industry Association, Institute, and in provincial and municipal level, and we have accumulated rich experience in engineering design. Furthermore, we are actively engaged in the researches on green building technology, engineering digitization and BIM implementation platform via partnering with many design research institutions and universities at home and abroad.
LINK adheres to continuously improving via learning through a variety of engineering projects during China urbanization process from the professional perspective, meanwhile it is also committed to providing a wide spectrum of high-quality professional engineering service from early consultation to design implementation, and in construction management through resource integration and utilization technology, so as to meet and exceed the customer’s expectation. Just as the meaning of “link” refers to, LINK is aiming to provide development platform and collaborative work environment for industry professionals through unremitting efforts and practices, and it is also committed to linking the maximum value of each development phase of the entire project, so as to become the “Full professional service-provider in the field of China’s construction engineering”.
The League Enterprise of LINK International Design Group includes:
LINK(Shanghai) Architectural Design Consulting Co., LTD
Shanghai Han Feng Architecture Design Co., LTD
Shanghai Zhida Engineering Consultant Co., LTD